A group of twenty veterans from all over the United States traveled to Capitol Hill January 21, 2010 to talk to members of Congress about why the prison at Guantanamo Bay needs to be closed. They said it puts our soldiers lives at risk. They said we have to be "the good guys." We can't support torture and we can't support the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Meet Iraq War Veteran Mark Starr. He went to Washington, D.C. January 21, 2010 to lobby Congress. He spoke to us before speaking to our Members of Congress about why Guantanamo Bay should be closed.

Matt Alexander, terrorist interrogator, veteran and author, sat down to talk about why Gitmo needs to be closed in this video also featuring New Security Action's Tom Andrews.

Gather around the warm glow of your monitor and let us at New Security Action tell you a holiday tale about a certain "Scrooge" and his responsibility for America's tortured past. Say a hearty "Bah humbug" to Dick Cheney in this "Tortured" Christmas Carol.



On October 29 Rosanne Cash went toe-to-toe with Stephen Colbert on the use of music as torture and convinced Stephen to sign a petition agreeing with General Colin Powell that Guantanamo “should be closed this afternoon.” Since this is Colbert we’re talking about, he claims he signed it to “make it harder for Obama.” But we’ll take it:

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From October 21-28, our first TV ad ran across the nation, calling on Congress to stand with President Obama and close Guantanamo now:

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